Sunday, February 27, 2011

.: Song Traces in the Mind

Breathe in is the current song that is stuck in my head.  It's funny how when a song gets stuck in your head it can either be a good or bad thing.  If its a tune thats pleasurable like the song above :P, it is a nice random surprise in the middle of the day.  Then there are the bad tunes that leave traces in the mind forever.

One song that never leaves the back of my head is Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Man.  Now I am not a fan of this song and was boggled when it became a hit during its debut.  Somehow this song has haunted me for many years and I just feel silly when it echoes in my mind.  I have to acknowledge the ingenuity of this song because of the effect it has on me even though I thought it was trash.

So what song is currently lingering in your head?

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Thanks in advance!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

:. Save 15% off Verizon AT&T Bills and Free Amazon Prime

Hey everyone, today was a hectic day so sadly I could only post something short.  I wanted to provide some free money saving services that I use that most people don't hear about since the companies don't advertise it openly.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

.: The Addiction Gene

When someone hears the word addiction, most people refer the word to how frequent one indulges in their addiction.  There are many forms of addiction such as drugs, sex, or the internet. People do not realize that they can be addicted even if it's not a constant occurrence.  The true definition of addiction is a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences.

The idea that boggles me is the fact that certain people are more predisposed to addiction if they have the addiction gene running through their family.  I'm a big fan of Loveline, a national radio show where people call in to seek help and advice, and every addict who calls in reveals that their family members are struggling the same issues.  Now I'm not just basing the addiction gene theory just from the radio show, because it has been scientifically proven that the gene exists from respectable scientists.

In my personal life, I feel the effect of the gene running through my bloodline.  My family is known to have an addictive past and I have struggled through some addictions where it has resulted in major consequences in my life.  Having the addiction gene does not mean you will become an addict regardless of what you do, but if your family history shows an addictive past, I would advise you to be cautious.

To anyone who is facing difficulties with their addiction issues, don't lose hope.  A friend of mine had been addicted to cigarettes and weed since he was 9 and has finally overcome his addiction through dedication and weaning it off slowly. Acknowledge the problem before its too late and don't be scared to ask for support from your loved ones.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

:. Restrepo

Restrepo is a documentary I recently watched about a platoon in one of the most dangerous zones in Afghanistan. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in the military and what occurs in the front lines of todays modern war.

It explores the dangerous situations soldiers must costantly endure in a hostile foreign country. Paralleling the adrenaline pumping events, this film shows the rare picture of the mundane activities that soldiers must combat during downtime.

As a personal thought, I used to desire to fight in war and experience combat. I don't know if this wish was due to the war games and films I watched growing up or me seeking to an exciting lifestyle. Now that I'm older, I realized this to be very naive and somethig that shouldn't be proclaimed quickly.

On the stance on war, I oppose it because it causes people to perform atrocious deeds and brings sorrow and death to both sides. Regardless of which stance someone has, I believe we should respect our soldiers because they are risking their lives everyday. This film helped reinforce my respect by conveying the emotions and tough times they face while most Americans don't even realize we are in war.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

.: Funny Word Days

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!  This blog will be composed of my random personal experiences, thoughts, and human psychology. The blog has a lot of work to be polished so expect things to develop as I make changes slowly!

Starting off, ever have one of those days where a particular word looks strange?

Now I don't mean it physically looks weird or it begins to animate.  For me it's the way its spelled or the meaning doesn't seem to fit comfortably.

I can't explain the phenomenon but it makes me giggle and think for a few minutes.
Hopefully I'm not losing my mind :T

The world holds me back..